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Welcome to our Talents page for Ragnaros. Here, we give you an overview of how strong each of Ragnaros’ talents is. Then, we present several viable builds, before analyzing each talent row separately, so that you can make informed decisions.

Ragnaros’s Talent Build

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Ragnaros’ Talent Build Cheatsheet

Standard Build

This standard build prov > Blast Wave -related Talents allow you to reliably threaten one or more opponents and waveclear efficiently.

Melee Build

This specialised attack build prov > Hand of Ragnaros and Cauterize Wounds allow you to threaten tightly-grouped Heroes and benefit from high combat self-sustain. This build is mostly useful against opposing team compositions with 3 or more melee Heroes.

Ranged Build

This specialised build prov > Living Meteor -related Talents allow you to deal damage from a safe distance. This build is mostly useful against opposing team compositions of 4 or more ranged Heroes, against which engaging in melee would be dangerous.

Note: The nature of Ragnaros’ Talent design make it so that it is generally much better to focus on a improving a single Ability than not. As such, your first Talent choice should generally dictate the overall direction of your build. To read more about our recommended builds for Ragnaros, please refer to this gu > Empower Sulfuras -centric builds work best against two or more tanks, Living Meteor -centric builds help deal with odd team compositions that feature 4 ranged Heroes, and Blast Wave -centric builds are generic and work well under most circumstances.

Level 1 Talents for Ragnaros

Quest: Every time Empower Sulfuras kills a Minion, its damage is increased by 1 , up to 30 .

Reward: After killing 30 Minions, increase its damage by an additional 90 .

Each time an enemy is hit by the same Living Meteor, they take 5% increased damage from it.

Quest: Hit 75 Heroes with Living Meteor.

Reward: After hitting 75 Heroes with Living Meteor, its duration is increased to 2.25 seconds, and it can be reactivated to change its direction once per use.

Increase Blast Wave’s damage by 75% and its radius by 15% .


Sulfuras Hungers is a Quest Talent that adds a hefty amount of damage to Empower Sulfuras , which, in turn, adds to your waveclearing and survivability. It should be noted that this bonus damage does not scale at the usual 4% per Hero Level Abilities generally do, meaning that the total 120 bonus will remain as-is throughout any given match. This does mean that Sulfuras Hungers is at its best very early on (where the flat damage makes up a large portion of the Ability’s damage), making completing it as quickly as possible very significant. The Quest is relatively simple to complete; just see to weaken several Minions with your other Abilities before landing the killing blow with Empower Sulfuras, or ask your allies to help out by not finishing Minions off.

Shifting Meteor is a Quest Talent that is as quick to complete as you are competent with Living Meteor , making it generally less valuable for newer Ragnaros Players. Upon completion, Shifting Meteor prov > Meteor Bomb to ensure that the explosion strikes true.

Engulfing Flame greatly increases the damage of Blast Wave , which inc > Tempered Flame and Blast Echo . The radius increase often proves to be enough to secure Blast Wave hits against targets that do not have access to a form of mobility. As just noted, these effects have excellent synergy with the other Blast Wave-related Talents, but should otherwise change little to nothing in the way you should be using the Ability.

Level 4 Talents for Ragnaros

When Living Meteor hits an enemy Hero, gain a charge of Spell Armor, reducing damage from the next enemy ability by 50% .

Stores up to 2 charges.

Blast Wave slows enemies hit by 40% for 2 seconds.

Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases Ragnaros’ Health Regeneration by 1.25 per second, up to 18.75 .

Reward: After gathering 15 Regeneration Globes, activate Catching Fire to gain 25 Armor for 3 seconds, reducing damage taken by 25% .


Fire Ward prov > Living Meteor . Although the Talent is based off Living Meteor, it is not a core part of the build, and could be picked at any time the opposing team features at least two Ability-based Assassins, such as Chromie, Gul’dan, Jaina, or Kael’thas.

Slow Burn is Ragnaros’s only form of crowd control bes > Sulfuras Smash Heroic Ability, making it quite unique in this aspect. The Movement Speed reduction is particularly useful for keeping opponents within the area of effect of Living Meteor , or simply for keeping them around for subsequend Empower Sulfuras hits.

Catching Fire is a Quest Talent that prov > Fire Ward alternative. Although we recommend this Talent by default, Slow Burn may be more useful if your team composition features at least two tanks.

Level 7 Talents for Ragnaros

If Empower Sulfuras hits at least 2 enemy Heroes, it restores 10 Mana and its cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.

Each enemy Hero hit by Living Meteor increases the damage of the next Living Meteor by 20% , up to a maximum of 100% .

Every 10 seconds, Ragnaros’s next Basic Attack against a Hero deals 60% bonus damage. Hitting enemies with Basic Abilities reduces this cooldown by 1 second.


Hand of Ragnaros prov > Empower Sulfuras , the area of effect nature of which makes it particularly effective against team compositions featuring multiple melee Heroes. With Hand of Ragnaros, you should see to always try and hit as many Heroes as possible so as to always trigger the Cooldown reduction effect to greatly increase your sustained damage and survivability.

Molten Power prov > Living Meteor , prov > Shifting Meteor . It should be noted that this damage bonus does not benefit Meteor Bomb .

Blistering Attacks focuses on improving Ragnaros’ single-target damage output against Heroes. Making the best out of this Talent may be tricky, as it requires you to change the way in which you use your Abilities. In general, however, the goal becomes to alternate between delivering Basic Attacks against Heroes and using Abilities in a way that they hit as many targets as possible to significantly reduce Blistering Attacks’ Cooldown. It is worth noting that any target (Minions, Structures, Summons, etc.) can be used for the purpose of reducing Blistering Attacks’ Cooldown, making Living Meteor particularly well suited for the task, as it delivers quick packets of damage in an area of effect. All of Ragnaros’ Abilities, however, deal damage in an area of effect, meaning that hitting a Minion wave is generally enough to reset Blistering Attacks’ Cooldown. It is also important to mention that Blisering Attacks will not trigger while Empower Sulfuras is active; this is most likely due to balance purposes.

Level 10 Talents for Ragnaros

Hurl Sulfuras at the target area, landing after 0.75 seconds, dealing 198 (+ 4% per level) damage. Enemies in the center take 594 (+ 4% per level) damage instead and are Stunned for 0.5 seconds.

Release a wave of lava from Ragnaros’s Core that travels down the targeted lane, dealing 240 (+ 4% per level) damage per second to non-Structure enemies in its path and instantly killing enemy Minions. Damage increased by 100% versus Heroes.


Sulfuras Smash is notable for its ability to inflict a massive amount of damage in a large area of effect, from a very long range. The main factors to consider when using this Ability are how many opponents you are able to hit with the most damaging part of its area of effect — the center —, the cast delay of three fourth of a second, and how you and your allies can follow up on its Stunning effect. The answer to these questions generally lie in crowd control provided by allies. Get to learn what every Hero is able to provide such effects, how long they last, and whether or not they can affect multiple Heroes. This will allow you to better know how to capitalise and play off of them. This is not to say, however, that Sulfuras Smash absolutely requires crowd control to strike true; with enough practice, you can generally predict where Players just might be headed so as to crush them appropriately. See to capitalise on combat busying your opponents, too. In a pinch, Sulfuras Smash can also be used to interrupt channeled abilities.

Lava Wave Lava Wave is a unique Ability that requires a solid grasp of Heroes of the Storm to use and counter. This is due to the fact that its use is constrained solely to Lanes — which offsets the massive damage potential of the Ability. Lava Wave progresses very slowly within the targeted lane and shows up on the Minimap as an icon representing a flame, giving opponents a bit of a warning. Since Lava Wave begins its effects at your team’s Core, it is a rather defensive Ability by nature; the further it must travel, the more time your opponents have to avoid it. It is not to say that it cannot be used offensively, however. Team fights sometimes break out in lanes, fighting over Structures, perhaps, and a timely cast could bring such fights to a swift, well-done end. Lava Wave can also be useful in sieging scenarios, as it would force opponents away from the Structures they are attempting to protect.

Lava Wave’s crushing damage makes it particularly effective against Minion-based Map Objectives, such as those of Braxis Holdout or Tomb of the Spider Queen. Conversely, the Ability is less than useful on Maps that promote extended fights over out-of-lane Objectives, such as Blackheart’s Bay or Garden of Terror. Still, the fact that it clears out several Minion waves can open opportunities for your team to push on top of quickly generating a respectable amount of Experience.

Level 13 Talents for Ragnaros

Empower Sulfuras heals for an additional 40% of damage dealt to Heroes over 2 seconds.

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The Firelord

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Ragnaros is a Melee Assassin Hero from the Warcraft universe.

As the lord of Azeroth’s fire elementals, Ragnaros desires nothing more than to burn the world to ash. Banished to the Firelands eons ago, the Firelord now turns his rage toward the Nexus, intent on incinerating everything and everyone within it.

Ragnaros is a Bruiser that can nullify enemy pushes against his Forts and Keeps.

Background Edit

The Firelord and his brethren once held sway over the entire world. As a servant of the Old Gods, he fought against the Titans for domination over the planet. The victorious Titans banished him and his brethren to the Elemental Plane — there to remain imprisoned until the end of time. It was then and there that the brothers turned on each other. For five millennia a battle was fought at the core of this world. It was during the Elemental Sundering that Ragnaros attacked Thunderaan, Prince of Air. Thunderaan was utterly defeated and the Firelord feasted upon his essence, but was unable to consume him entirely. Ragnaros div >[1]

Gameplay Summary Edit

Ragnaros is an Assassin based on area of effect ability damage. He can harness the his volcanic wrath to call down flaming meteors, crush foes with the explosive might of Sulfuras, and summon lava waves that will incinerate an entire lane’s worth of enemy minions. Ragnaros is unique as his trait, Molten Core , allows him to take over a Fort or Keep, becoming a towering inferno over the structure and gaining a second set of abilities that will help to engulf assailants in the fires of doom.

Overall, Ragnaros fits into most team compositions, as his set of abilities can single-handedly change the course of certain map objectives. He requires, however, proper positioning and a team capable of giving him opportunity to unleash his damage properly.

Strengths Edit

  • High area of effect burst damage.
  • Excelent waveclear and lane bullying.
  • Very flexible and straightforward talent tree.
  • Empower Sulfuras gives him decent self-sustain and waveclear.
  • Living Meteor is very versatile for various tasks, such as waveclear, sieging and poking. Additionally, it has the highest damage potential of all his abilities.
  • Blast Wave bestows Ragnaros with decent utility, being a flexible ability useful either for engaging opponents or to flee from combat.
  • Sulfuras Smash has high range and deals massive damage, being extremely potent after opponents have been inflicted by some kind of crowd control.
  • Lava Wave is powerful defensive ability, and also very strong on minion-related map objectives, such as Tomb of the Sp >Molten Core allows Ragnaros to take over structures and empower them, granting him a separate healthbar, as well a new set of basic abilities. While allied structures can be taken at any time, enemy structures can only be taken after being destroyed.
  • Empower Sulfuras becomes Molten Swing , granting a area of effect stun with high range.
  • Living Meteor becomes Meteor Shower , covering massive range and allowing Ragnaros to poke opponents from very high distances.
  • Blast Wave becomes Explosive Rune , which is very powerful when combo’ed with the other Molten Core abilities.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Mana intensive during all phases of the game.
  • Poor survivability and mobility.
  • Limited utility beyond raw damage.
  • Cannot deal very well against long range pokes and kiting.
  • Vulnerable to crowd control effects, such as stuns and slows.
  • Most of his abilities are very easy to avo >Lava Wave is extremely telegraphed, as the wave is also shown as an icon in the minimap, giving opponents plenty of time to avo >Molten Core is put on cooldown when the match starts, to prevent Ragnaros from using a such powerful cooldown by the start of the match.

Abilities Edit

Your next Basic Attack is instant, deals 191 damage (+4% per level) in an area, and heals you for 20% of the damage dealt. This healing is doubled versus Heroes.

Summon a meteor at the target point that deals 68 damage (+4% per level), then rolls in the target direction dealing 312 damage (+4% per level) over 1.75 seconds.

Ignite yourself or an ally, granting 25% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds, then causing a fiery explosion that deals 108 (+4% per level) damage to nearby enemies.

Traits Edit

Channel on an allied or destroyed Fort or Keep to replace it with Ragnaros’s ultimate form, temporarily gaining new Abilities, having 4155.84 (+4% per level) Health that burns away over 18.72 (+4% per level) seconds.

Ragnaros returns to his normal form upon losing all Health in Molten Core.

While under the effects of Molten Core, Ragnaros’s abilities change to the following:

Stun and damage nearby enemies for 161 (+4% per level) while under the effect of Molten Core .

Summon a line of meteors dealing 151 (+4% per level) damage while under the effect of Molten Core .

Cause a delayed explosion dealing 285 (+4% per level) damage in a large area while under the effect of Molten Core .

Heroic Abilities Edit

Hurl Sulfuras at the target area. It lands after 0.75 seconds, dealing 205 damage (+4% per level). Enemies in the center take an additional 617 damage (+4% per level) and are stunned for 0.5 seconds.

Release a wave of lava from your Core that travels down the targeted lane, dealing 60 damage (+4% per level) per second to non-Structure enemies in its path and instantly killing enemy Minions. Damage increased by 100% versus Heroes.

Talents Edit

Tier 1, Hero Level 1 Edit

Quest: Every time you kill a Minion with Empower Sulfuras , its damage is increased by 1, up to 30.
Reward: After killing 30 Minions, increase its damage by an additional 90.

Each time an enemy is hit by the same Living Meteor , they take 3% increased damage from it.
Quest: Hit 75 Heroes with Living Meteor.
Reward: After hitting 75 Heroes with Living Meteor, its duration is increased to 2.25 seconds, and it can be reactivated to change its direction once per use.

Increase Blast Wave’s damage by 75% and its radius by 15%.

Разработчики из Blizzard на выставке Blizzcon 2016 представили нового персонажа в Heroes of the Storm — Ragnaros. Рагнарос — уникальный новый герой, который отличается от всех других бойцов в Нексусе возможностью захватывать союзные и уничтоженные форты за счет умения «Огненные Недра». Захватив форт, он может использовать особый набор способностей, позволяющих ему дать отпор атаке противника или разрушить укрепления врага в ходе наступления. Рагнарос — мощный убийца, способный легко уничтожать противников в командных стычках или при защите фортов.


• [D] Огненные Недра. Рагнарос поддерживает умение и захватывает союзный или уничтоженный форт или крепость, высвобождая свою истинную силу. Рагнарос заменяет собой форт или крепость, обретая новые способности. Его запас здоровья становится равен 4 156 ед., однако постепенно он иссякает. Если запас здоровья Рагнароса исчерпан, он вновь принимает свой обычный облик.

Базовые способности

• [Q] Усиление Сульфураса. Следующую автоатаку Рагнарос совершает мгновенно, нанося средний урон по области и восполняя себе здоровье в размере 20% от нанесенного урона. Лечение удваивается, если целью является вражеский герой. Огненные Недра — Огненный взмах — оглушает ближайших противников и наносит им урон.

• [W] Живой метеор. Вызывает падение метеорита в указанной точке, нанося небольшой урон. Упавший метеорит начинает катиться в выбранном направлении в течение 2 сек., нанося всем пораженным целям огромный урон. Огненные Недра — Метеоритный дождь — вызывает падение метеоритов по прямой.
• [E] Взрывная волна. Рагнарос поджигает себя или союзника, повышая скорость передвижения на 25% на 1,5 сек., после чего происходит взрыв, наносящий незначительный урон ближайшим противникам.

Базовые способности

[D] Облик «Огненные Недра»

• [Q] Огненный взмах. Рагнарос широко взмахивает молотом, нанося средний урон и оглушая противников на 1 сек. Наносит на 75% больше урона воинам, наемникам и монстрам.
• [W] Метеоритный дождь. Вызывает 3 метеорита, падающих в указанном месте в выбранном направлении. Каждый метеорит наносит средний урон и замедляет пораженных противников на 25% на 2 сек.Наносит на 75% больше урона воинам, наемникам и монстрам.
• [E] Взрывная руна. Создает в указанном месте руну. Через 2 сек. руна взрывается, нанося средний урон всем противникам, но не строениям. Наносит на 75% больше урона воинам, наемникам и монстрам.


• [R] Удар Сульфураса. Рагнарос бросает Сульфураса в выбранную область. Через 0,75 сек. Сульфурас приземляется, нанося средний урон пораженным целям. Противники, оказавшиеся в центре области поражения, получают утроенный урон и оглушаются на 0,5 сек.
• [R] Волна лавы. Рагнарос выпускает из недр волну лавы, которая движется по выбранной линии, нанося огромный урон в сек. всем противникам, но не строениям, и мгновенно уничтожая вражеских воинов. Наносит на 33% больше урона героям.

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