Uemember nickname already exist перевести

Uemember nickname already exist перевести

This solution already exists .

It already exists .

The technology already exists " .

Something that already exists .

The program already exists !

One such product already exists .

That trail already exists .

The contract already exists " .

Such technology already exists .

Нам доверяют почти 8 миллионов пользователей,
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Что такое Ludwig?

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I am creating an ASP website with a possibility to register.

The nickname that visitors choose to register has to be unique.

Everytime when an user registers, I select all users from the database, and then I am using a foreach loop to check or username already exists:

But the code above doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t check all the items in the list which are read from the database. So it is possible to have users with the same usernames, which I don’t want.

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What can I do to solve this problem? I read about LINQ, but I think that this is the wrong way of checking usernames with List<> in my opinion. I think this username-check must be done in another way.

Can you experts help me? I could also do this check with a SQL-query, but I would like to do it in c#.

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